I am an undergraduate student in IEEE Honour Class, SJTU, majored in computer science. I'm curious about technology and knowledge and always motivate myself to learn and try new things. I know a little about both deep learning and blockchain and long for exporing more about them.

Research Interests

Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning, Data Mining, Natural Language Processing, Knowledge Graph and Security.


Acemap: Make Academia Visible

Acemap is a gallery of academic maps visulizing authors, papers, topics and etc, makes people easier to do research. I have joined many work of the system, including writing the backend code, maintaining the web server, deploying the search engine, finding rising star and building the knowledge graph.


  • C++: I am very familiar with C++ but I am not much familiar with the new features in C++11 or higher due to the lack of practice. It's not strange because I mostly use C++ to solve algorithm problems.

  • Python: Python is such a powerful language that I have used it to do science simulations, web crawler, network application development, crypto and so on. I also have experience on libraries and frameworks, such as numpy, matlabplotlib, TKinter, TensorFlow, PyTorch, requests and so on.

  • Golang: I have used Go to develop the backend service of my course project on Software Engineering. I think it is strong enough in many fields.

  • Perl: I believe it is a magic language typically in string processing. I use it to handle matters and deploy services. I think the newest perl6 would attract much attention due to its elegant grammar.

Contact Me

Jialu Wang (王嘉璐)

IEEE Honor Class, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Office: 1-432 SEIEE Building, 800 Dongchuan Rd, Shanghai, China 200240

Email: faldict [at] sjtu[dot]edu[dot]cn